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FB Messenger Bots


Want to gain more leads and increase engagement?  Of course you do!  

That is why you need a Facebook Messenger bot.  It is a great lead generation tool that is becoming increasingly popular.  It may be that you are not keen on using messenger and happy to stick with email marketing, but it's not what you want - it's what your ideal client wants!

Open rates for Messages sent through FB messenger are usually around 80%, compared with 30% on average for email marketing.

Take a look at the bot setup on my page -

In it's simplest form it is great for filtering initial enquiries.  More advanced uses are lead magnet delivery, broadcasts, sequences, sending reminders for webinars, ecommerce - yes you can sell & take payment through your bot!  My tool of choice is Manychat which is one of the leading bot platforms out there.  They even have a free plan so you can get connected up straight away and start communicating!

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